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    CsutkaRozi and Zseton

    In other words why together

    Rozalia and Zseton are the Shelter's stalwarts and Andrea's own dogs. Zseton is the pack leader, the bellwether of the dogs. He makes sure that everything is all right around the house.


    Cs. Rozalia is everyone's sweetheart who sweeps you off your feet. These two are life-long friends and Zseton always takes extra care of Rozi.


    The newcomers, both short-, and long-term guests, are always introduced to Zseton first and he then brings them in the pack.


    Csutkarozi' s name is well known in Hungarian animal rights activists' circles. Because of her fame the Hungarian courts did not register the association with her name so it bears the packleader Zseton's name.

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    Together from their young age

  • the steps of adoption

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    0. You decided you would like to adopt an animal.

    You liked a dog or a kitten who is in our care or a mediated temporary host. Then you are in the right place, you can adopt him.


    1. Please read our description of the animal and honestly think about whether you fit into your life or you just loved your son. There are some veto factors when we do not give the candidate the animal. We do not have a big good to avoid these tricks. If you still have questions after reading the description, note it and ask it for a phone call.


    2. Discuss with each person your plan that you would like to adopt an animal. (family, partner, friend / girlfriend, flatmate, etc.) In this meeting, go to any allergies, in case of family dog ​​/ kitten, responsible for the tasks. Who walks to walk, who feeds, who replaces the litter, who takes it to the dogs, etc. If everything is ok, go to step 3.


    3. Call up the phone number provided in the post. It will most often be 06306262088, but you may, for example, you may be interested in a different animal of a temporary host. Tell what animal you are interested in, show how you live, how would you have the place in your life for the selected dog or cat. If you already have animals, be sure to come up with it too. Put up your notes! If we have come together that you should visit the small fortune personally, then make a date.


    4. Believe that we know the dogs and cats we are caring for. Be honest with the details, because it is only a happy choice. We will not conceal their possible bad habits, their negligence or their illness, we ask you to be honest in all respects.


    5. If it's okay at the personal meeting, there is the spark between the dog and you, we can talk about adopting.


    6. We sign an adoption contract, which is thoughtfully drafted and we all seriously think about it. Read the contract if it comes, ask.


    7. The place of adoption may be the Shelter, a pre-arranged external location, or the home of the adoptive parent (ideal case). For adoption, bring a collar / harness and leash as well as a personal identification document.


    8. Adoption does not end with the dog moving to his new home. It also states in the contract that the body has the right to check the condition of the animal afterwards. If for some reason the adoptive person can no longer care for the animal properly, he must immediately notify us. The adopted animal CAN NOT BE PASSED ON! Even within the family, without the organization's knowledge and consent. In such cases the animal shall be returned to the organisation. The organisation has the right to inquire about the animal by phone, email or social network surfaces.


    +1 In case of inappropriate housing conditions, the body is entitled to take back the animal.


    It is not a great fad, but we try to save our happy lives as much as possible for our cared animals.


    Thank you for reading and respecting our rules.

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  • official data

    Tax number: 18653342-1-13

    Registration number: 01-02-0015374

    Statistical number: 18653342-7500-529-01


    E-mail: elnok@csutkarozimenedeke.hu


    IBAN: (Magnet Bank) HU69 1620 0223 1004 1194 0000 0000


    Our annual accounts are available at Bíróság.hu page (official Hungarian Court's website, in search type Zseton).

  • We run our account at MagNet Bank and we're happy that this bank is thinking of civil organisations and dog-friendly!